About IPC & IBJ
  • Infrastructure Business Japan (IBJ) was established on October 18, 2017
    by Innovation Promotion Center Co., Ltd.(IPC*)
  • IPC is a subsidiary of Pacific Consultants International Group Co, Ltd.,
    and a fellow subsidiary of Pacific Consultants Co, Ltd.,
    a leading civil engineering consulting company in Japan.
  • IPC's mission is to accelerate social transformation with a long-term perspective.
    To support this mission, IBJ was established.
  • IBJ provides the information around the PPP/PFI business to the infrastructure investment business professionals.
Contents of IBJ
  • Contents by category
    Transactions (funds/capitalization), Market prospect and analysis, Management strategy, Feasibility of projects, Selection of operator, Risk and trouble
  • Number of articles & membership
    500~700 articles per year
    1,830 membership as of May 2019
  • Target Subscribers ※Free service
    Institutional investors, Fund managers, Corporates, Banks,
    Advisors (financial/technical/legal), Public Institutions

Membership composition of IBJ


As of May 2019
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